Immigrant Hope McAllen is part of a national network of EFCA based Immigrant Hope centers. We are about offering real, lasting, practical hope for the immigrant and refugee communities around us. If you are interested in learning more about our staff or statement of faith, please click on the image above.

Who Qualifies For Help?

Legal counseling is open to all. We are only able to provide legal pathways to those who have proper documents and who fulfill the requirements of the law. However, giving good information in a loving way helps everyone and there are even some who have a legal pathway and don’t know about it.

What Is Our Mission?

Our goal in all things is to quietly, humbly demonstrate the love of God and his priority of care for the stranger and the alien with assistance toward legal residency and support through the process.. Our mission is to do this in our specific neighborhoods of South Texas.

“While I was in jail, I’m never going to forget how this church had a meeting and talked about my situation. They helped my family through this difficult process…..”

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